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GTS Electronics Sweeper Services

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At GTS Electronics we repair canviews and other electronic components, fully programmed to your specifications.  We offer a 3 working day turnaround for repairs, usually it is quicker.  Quicker turnaround is possible for urgent orders.  


Your canviews can also be set up for other machines if required, contact for availability for the right operating system for you.

We can repair the following models: 
CX CN CL CW200 (mk1 and mark2)
550 551
CX CN400
And others! 

It is important you know the functions and specifications of your machine for your repair (see contact form for details). If you are not sure about any of the specifications of your machine, please do not worry we can help you find them -contact us. 

New services: password unlocks and upgrades for VT651s and C201s also available.  


C200/1 Suction fan and fan case 


VM Euro 4 and Euro 5 ECU's

International orders very welcome!


Prices can be found here.



Our services for your sweeper save you £££

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